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"Beatles Music History" author - Dave Rybaczewski

I became an avid Beatles fan from the time I used to listen to my brothers Beatles 45s and albums when I was about four years old.  When I was six, I bought my first Beatles single, the newly released "Lady Madonna" with the picture sleeve at the Ontario store in Toledo, Ohio.  This was my first real introduction to music, which has been a motivating force in my life ever since.

My "obsession" with the Beatles (as many of my friends call it) has come to include, not only owning and studying every Beatles song ever made, but analyzing every book and website written to find out as much as I can about the Beatles music.  While many publications and websites include all the intimate details about the Beatles childhood, married life, drug use, business affairs and controversial opinions, my interest always stayed within the bounds of why we all were attracted to the Beatles in the first place; their MUSIC!  As interesting as all of these facets of their lives are, they all seemed secondary to me.

That's where this website comes in.  I always had to dig and dig and dig to find out the information that I wanted to learn about a certain song the Beatles recorded.  Through all of this digging, I discovered a 'treasure trove' of information that really made the music come to life.  I thought that it was a shame that true lovers of the Beatles music had to read and re-read biographies that spoke in great detail about matters unrelated to the actual music that the Beatles made.  And when it came to those matters, they were glossed over quickly in order to delve into the more controversial events of their lives.  So, I decided to take matters into my own hands by putting together this website (and eventually a book) which fully analyzes every aspect of each Beatles song.

My goal has been to cover the entire Beatles cannon cataloged by each original Beatles album released in America as we experienced it here, which I have recently completed.  I keep updating the website regularly whenever new information becomes available to me, which seems to never end!  And that's totally ok with me!  I am also very grateful to be working with David Naughton who has lovingly volunteered to be my editor for the website.  His expertise with grammar, punctuation and sentence structure does much to present this work as an accurate and enjoyable read.  His intense interest in The Beatles, which results in his steering me into even more research, also helps me make this website as acurate as possible!

My interest in the Beatles has also extended to performing.  My good friend Walter Guy and I have formed an acoustic duo that we call "Elixer" which plays at restaurants, coffee shops, private parties and other locations in the Toledo, Ohio area.  A recent achievement for "Elixer" has been the privilege of being the opening act for Peter Tork and Shoe Suede Blues as they appeared in the Toledo area on November 6th, 2009.  Our set list includes a plethera of Beatles songs (hits and rarities) as well as other artists from the 60's and 70's.  I also perform as a solo act under the name "Dave Rybs" in the local Toledo area. 

And if you are interested in hearing my solo album of original songs that I've written through the years, please CLICK HERE or click the link on the right side of the page.  The album is entitled "Clarity" and contains ten songs that I'm sure you'll enjoy, some of which being incluenced by The Beatles as well other artists I've grown to love.  It was recorded during the 2020 shutdown at Chris Shutters Studios in Toledo.  It was masterfully produced by Chris Shutters who also performs the amazing lead guitar work throughout the album.  All instruments were played by myself and Chris, with a couple of guest spots by my friends Sy Winnie on piano and Michael Gramza on harmonica.  By clicking on the link, you can either stream the songs on your favorite app or purchase them individually or as a complete album.  Samples of each song are available as well.  Please give them a listen! 

I'd just like to thank all of you for supporting the website and my original music on my album "Clarity."  Please take your time to peruse and enjoy the website at your leisure.  And if your heart moves you, please consider donating to keep this website up and running into the future.  You can do so by CLICKING HERE or on the the link on the right side of this page.  Your continued enjoyment and support is what makes this large endeavor all worthwhile!  Thank you!

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