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The "Introducing...The Beatles" eBook answers these questions:

  1. Did John Lennon play guitar on "Love Me Do"?
  2. Was there only one recorded 'take' of "Twist And Shout"?
  3. What was the original title of the song "I Saw Her Standing There"?
  4. What is the current rarest Beatles record of all time?
  5. What was the reason the Beatles chose to record the uncharacteristic song "A Taste Of Honey" for their first album?
  6. What was the first Lennon/McCartney song ever to be recorded by another artist?
  7. Which huge groundbreaking Beatles hit almost ended up as the B-side to "Love Me Do"?
  8. Why did Ringo think of quitting the Beatles only 24 days after he joined?
  9. What was the only songwriting team to get one of their songs performed by both the Beatles and the Monkees?
  10. Who was the original lead singer of "Love Me Do"?
  11. What is the first Beatles song to feature double-tracked vocals?
  12. What THIRD song featured Andy White on drums?
  13. Who was the only songwriter to be priviledged to have one of his songs recorded by the Beatles (on their first album) and Elvis Presley?

All of these questions, and many more, are answered in the pages of the eBook "Introducing...THE BEATLES."

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