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The following article about the "Introducing...The Beatles" ebook was featured in the June 25th edition of the Toledo City Paper:

(Re)Introducing...the Beatles

Local musician/author digs deep to pen e-books on the Fab Four by Matt Cummings

To some people, it may seem like Toledoan Dave Rybaczewski has gotten carried away with enthusiasm for the Beatles.  Ever since he first listened to his older brother's 45s in the mid-Sixties, he has been a devoted fan, reading, watching,and listening to anything Beatles related he can get his hands on.  He even started a Beatles tribute, an acoustic duo called Elixer, which has a repertoire of over 120 songs penned by the Fab Four and incorporates audience participation trivia about the group into their performances.

And now, after spending a lifetime amassing an encyclopedic knowledge about the band, Rybaczewski has put it all to good use writing and publishing an e-book on the Beatles' first US album, "Introducing...The Beatles."

"I've read a lot of books about the Beatles," Rybaczewski said modestly.  "And one thing that I've noticed is that there isn't anything that is a song-by-song analysis that goes into the detail that I would like.  I wanted to write something that I, as a Beatles fan, would want to read."

And that's exactly what he did.  In the book, which is for sale on his website,, Rybaczewski moves meticulously from song to song, analyzing and explicating the intricate details of each track's composition, style and structure, recording history, live performances, and so on, helping to shed light on how these four working class hoodlums from a sooty sea port town in England could change the cultural landscape for generations.

Currently at work on e-book number two, giving the same delicate treatment to the Beatles' second US album, "Meet the Beatles," Rybaczewski plans to move on chronologically to write and publish an e-book on each and every one of the Beatles' US albums.

"What I try to do when I'm writing these books is to make it come alive for the reader, to show the particulars of how they recorded each song or how the song was written--they wrote it on this day as they were riding on a bus or whatever--it just makes you feel like you were there.  I want it make it all come alive."

It's ambitious to say the least, but Rybaczewski quickly points out why he's taken on such a large-scale project.

"It'll take me a long time to do, but it's fun.  It's work, but it's fun.  I'm really enjoying doing all the research.  The Beatles seem to be timeless.  It really goes beyond description for me.  I mean, why do you like chocolate ice cream?  I just can't explain why, but I just do."

Rybaczewski pours his ardor for his heroes and their music unfiltered into his writing so that it hums with a kind of infectious magnetism that even casual Beatles fans will enjoy.  You might think you don't care whether or not John Lennon played guitar on "Love Me Do," but Rybaczewski's delight in sharing it will keep you eagerly turning virtual pages.

And it's not because reading it will bring down gas prices or lower your mortgage payment, but because Rybaczewski understands something that many of us often let slip away into the drabness of the ordinary.  It's what the Beatles communicate to us with such color and magic in every note of every song.  Be enthusiastic, because to be enthusiastic about anything is to be enthusiastic about life.


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