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"The Beatle’s E Book is a marvelous new entry to online information about every song ever recorded by the Fab Four.  Dave Rybaczewski goes into great detail for each recorded song - giving attention to the composers and their composition style, the recording dates (including the personnel behind the scenes), the song’s release dates and final chart positions – all without personal bias or favoritism as is often found in such historical renderings.  Nothing is left to the imagination about any Beatle’s song once you’ve read this E book.  This truly is the ultimate source for all information about the Beatle’s records."                 - Hank Fisher (Toledo, OH)

"This book gives the Beatles' fan a sense of actually 'being there' during the recording sessions!  The combination of meticulous details, including dates and times, instruments used, the creative thought processes for each song, and much more, surround the reader's mind with the events as they unfold.  A real treasure!"                - Dan Milligan (Deltona, FL)


"A new 91 page ebook that supplies all available information for The Beatles' first U.S. album, 'Introducing... The Beatles.' An exhaustive song by song analysis provides details such as songwriting and recording history, releases, instrumentation, live performances, chart positions, and much more."                 - Jerry (

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