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Beatles Music History: TRIVIA ANSWERS
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 Finish the following Beatles lyric lines: 

1.  "I'm so sad and lonely..."  "...Baby, take a chance with me"  Little Child

2.  "When I think of things we did..."  " makes me want to cry"  The Night Before

3.  "We take a walk..."  "...the sun is shining down"  Good Day Sunshine

4.  "Got the bill..."  "...and Rita paid it"  Lovely Rita

5.  "If you're lonely..."  " can talk to me"  Hey Bulldog

6.  "Just the sight of you..."  "...makes nighttime bright"  It's Only Love

7.  "I love you 'cause you tell me..."  "...things I want to know"  Ask Me Why

8.  "All that I was looking for was..."  "...was somebody who looks like you"  I've Got A Feeling

9.  "Only ever has to give me..."  " forever and forever"  She's A Woman

10.  "You can make it OK..."  " can get married in Gibraltar near Spain"  The Ballad Of John And Yoko

CLICK HERE to check out my webpage outlining the history of their classic song  "Hey Jude."  This is the most detailed history of the track found anywhere.

How did you do?  Keep studying for next month.  See you then.

Dave Rybaczewski

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