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Beatles Music History: TRIVIA ANSWERS
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 Name the Beatles song with the following history: 

1.  What was the first Beatles single to sell over a million copies in Britain?  "She Loves You"

2.  What was the first Beatles song to intentionally include feedback?  "I Feel Fine"

3.  What Beatles song features John Lennon displaying a sharp intake of breath in every chorus?  "Girl"

4.  What Beatles song features both John and George playing the guitar solo simultaneously?  "Nowhere Man"

5.  What Beatles song features Paul and George simultaneously playing a melody line inspired by the Otis Redding version of "Respect"?  "Drive My Car"

6.  What was the first Lennon/McCartney soft ballad sung by Paul?  "And I Love Her"

What is the only Ringo vocal on the "Red Album"?  "Yellow Submarine"

8.  What George Harrison-penned Beatles song was based upon a 12-string riff heard in "The Bells Of Rhymney" by The Byrds?  "If I Needed Someone"

9.  What was the first Chuck Berry song that The Beatles officially recorded in EMI Studios?  "Roll Over Beethoven"

10.  What was the second Beatles single to sell over a million copies in Britain?  "I Want To Hold Your Hand"

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