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Beatles Music History: TRIVIA ANSWERS
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Paul McCartney's bedroom at the Asher residence where he dreamed up the song "Yesterday."



 Name the Beatles song with the following history: 

1.  What British #1 Beatles song was recorded the most times for BBC Radio (16 times)?  "From Me To You"

2.  What was the only officially released Beatles song that was a cover of a skiffle record?  "Maggie Mae"

3.  What was the only "Lennon / McCartney / Starkey" composition to be released by The Beatles?  "What Goes On?"

4.  What was the only Beatles song to be viewed by millions of people as it was being recorded?  "All You Need Is Love"

5.  Which Beatles song was inspired by a divorce decree that John read in the newspaper?  "Mean Mr. Mustard"

6.  What was the first song recorded by The Beatles to feature George Harrison on a Rickenbacker 12-string guitar?  "You Can't Do That"

7.  Which Beatles song did Paul McCartney compose specifically to replace "Long Tall Sally" as the closing song for their live performances?  "I'm Down"

8.  What Beatles song couldn't be released as the a-side of a single because a song by that title had already been released by Peggy Lee?  "P.S. I Love You"

9.  What Beatles song was recorded in a small control room annex (Room 2A) at Abbey Road Studios?  "Yer Blues"

10.  What Paul McCartney composition did he presumably intend to present for the "Our World" Satellite broadcast before John Lennon came up with "All You Need Is Love"?  "Your Mother Should Know"

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