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Beatles Music History: TRIVIA ANSWERS
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 Finish the following Beatles lyric lines: 

1.  "But every now and then..."  "...I feel so insecure"  Help!

2.  "Why am I so shy..."  "...when I'm beside you"  It's Only Love

3.  "We will never be apart..."  "...if I'm part of you"  Tell Me What You See

4.  "I ain't no fool..."  "...and I don't take what I don't want"  Another Girl

5.  "Come on, give me fever..."  "...put your little hand in mine"  Dizzy Miss Lizzy

6.  "Though you've gone away this morning..."  "'ll be back again tonight"  You Like Me Too Much

7.  "I'll play the part..."  "...and I won't need rehearsing"  Act Naturally

8.  "She ought to think twice..."  "...she ought to do right by me"  Ticket To Ride

9.  "Love you all the time..."  "...and never leave you"  I Need You

10.  "The way you treat her..."  "...what else can I do"  You're Going To Lose That Girl

CLICK HERE to check out my webpage outlining the history of their classic song  "Only A Northern Song"  This is the most detailed history of the track found anywhere.

How did you do?  Keep studying for next month.  See you then.

Dave Rybaczewski

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