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Beatles Music History: TRIVIA ANSWERS
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 Name the Beatles song from the "Revolver" album that includes the following lyrics: 

1.  "When I'm in the middle of a dream"   "I'm Only Sleeping"

2.  "No one was saved"  "Eleanor Rigby"

3.  "My head is filled with things to say"  "I Want To Tell You"

4.  "Love is everyone"  "Tomorrow Never Knows"

5.  "You don't understand what I said"  "She Said She Said"

6.  "The sun is shining down"  "Good Day Sunshine"

7.  "Every single day of my life"  "Got To Get You Into My Life"

8.  "What you've got means such a lot to me"  "Love You To"

9.  "Many more of them live next door"  "Yellow Submarine"

10.  "I need my love to be here"  "Here There And Everywhere"

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How did you do?  Keep studying for next month.  See you then.

Dave Rybaczewski

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