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Beatles Music History: TRIVIA ANSWERS
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 In celebration of Ringo's birthday on July 7th, finish the following Ringo Beatles lyric lines: 

1.  "I ain't got no matches..."  "...but I sure got a long way to go."  Matchbox

2.  "What do you see when you turn out the light..."  "...I can't tell you but I know it's mine."  With A Little Help From My Friends

3.  "Everything about you is so dog-gone sweet..."  " got that sand all over your feet"  Honey Don't

4.  "Dream sweet dreams for me..."  "...dream sweet dreams for you."  Good Night

5.  "We would sing and dance around..."  "...because we know we can't be found."  Octopus's Garden

6.  "When I saw him with you..."  "...I could feel my future fold."  What Goes On?

7.  "My girl says when I kiss her lips..."  "...gets a thrill through her fingertips."  Boys

8.  "He told us of his life..."  " the land of submarines."  Yellow Submarine

9.  "We'll make the scene about a man that's sad and lonely..."  "...and begging down upon his bended knee."  Act Naturally

10.  "I don't hear it..."  "...does it mean you don't love me anymore?"  Don't Pass Me By

CLICK HERE to check out my webpage outlining the history of their classic song  "Penny Lane."  This is the most detailed history of the track found anywhere.

How did you do?  Keep studying for next month.  See you then.

Dave Rybaczewski

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