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(John Lennon – Paul McCartney)

There are quite a few Beatles songs that took shape differently in the recording studio than how they were originally conceived by the composer.  For instance, John's "Come Together" was originally intended as a Chuck Berry-style rocker until it was transformed into a more subdued swampy-sounding hit song.  "I'll Be Back" was attempted in the studio in a Waltz beat, as evidenced on the compilation album "Anthology 1."  And Paul's tender acoustic ballad "And I Love Her" was first tried as a full band arrangement with electric guitars and drums.

However, probably the biggest transformation to a Beatles song from what the composer originally intended would be “Carry That Weight.”  As detailed below, Paul McCartney has gone on record to describe what he originally had in mind for the song.  He instead decided to abandon this entirely in order to piecemeal a segment of his initial idea into the “Abbey Road” medley to good effect.

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